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2014: 1st Place-ASID Design Excellence Award – Furniture Design

Ernesto Garcia is a professional member of the “American Society of Interior Designers”, an organization from which he has received a total of 14 Awards in the past 9 years, including the 2012 and 2014 “First Place” in the Residential Category  and the 2014 “First Place” for furniture design.

Trained as an Architect, Ernesto is particularly well suited for remodeling and new construction projects; he understands how a building is put together, from its structure to the final accessories that make a well appointed room. A natural problem solver, Ernesto is often seen climbing scaffolding to finalize constructive details with the trades; the next hour you might find him selecting antiques, designing a new table or finalizing a palette of beautiful fabrics at a showroom.

Ernesto’s extensive knowledge of style and his exquisitely refined taste allow him to create uniquely beautiful spaces, whether they are traditional, contemporary or transitional in genre. This versatility and unerring eye are evident in his extensive portfolio, where every example conveys a classic and yet richly innovative quality.


2013:ASID Design Excellence Award 1. Handicapped/Universal Design 2. Element Design

Local and national magazines and interior design books have been featuring Ernesto’s work for years, from the covers of “Better Homes and Gardens” to “Spectacular Homes of The Southwest” and “Decorative Hardware”. Websites such as “Houzz” constantly use his rooms in articles pertaining to innovative trends, lighting and classic interiors. He is a regular contributor to the social magazine “Trends” and blogs for “Jetset Magazine” on a variety of interior design and lifestyle subjects. His witty and urbane personality has made him a TV darling with more than 40 appearances in variety shows including “Sonoran Living”, “Arizona Midday” and “Cool House”.

Known for his artistic skills, he is recognized as the best “Sketcher” in the profession. It is an absolute delight to see Ernesto draw for his clients or contractors and help everybody understand his vision. He can walk into a room and immediately translate his ideas of the space onto a piece of paper. His travels and extensive working experience overseas and from coast to coast of the USA have given Ernesto exceptional poise and self-assurance.


2011: ASID Design Excellence Award Residences over 6000 Sq. Ft

All this expertise has earned Ernesto Garcia the vast accolade of a distinguished clientele who invariably praises how much he has changed their lives by creating beautiful spaces to live, work and enjoy. He has designed homes for people from every corner of the world, providing them with environments that suit their tastes while anchoring comfortably to our region. He is a “Designer of the Future”, acutely aware of history and always looking to a brighter tomorrow.

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