Ernesto Garcia, ASID Sheds New Light on Floral Patterns

by Ernesto Garcia | Mar 13, 2011

Sometimes floral patterns have no place in an interior, it all depends on the style of a room or a client’s preference. However, a well-selected floral motif can bring great interest and dynamism to a space. Whether it is a contemporary or a traditional interior, the use of floral patterns can be crucial to its successful completion.

Remember: “Everything in moderation.”

12-2011 ASID Excellence Award Winning-Scottsdale Elegance-Family Room

In this picture, the feel of the room is very classic and serene. The palette is very understated, stone and mauve tones exist with pale celery, off-white and dark brown accents. Solids or tone-on-tone patterns have been used in the furnishings that carry the most weight: sofa and chairs. The sofa pillows display more textures or geometric patterns but it is the drapery at the edge of the room that introduces the lively note with its large-scale and delicate floral pattern. In this case, I chose to use the floral pattern on the draperies because another solid would have made this room dull and uninteresting.

These draperies keep this room from fading into solid walls and gives the physical boundary of the windows more excitement. In other words it’s all a matter of “geography,” where to place the stroke of pattern that will give life to a room, particularly if view is not that interesting and needs a bit more emphasis.

Designer Tip: If you do want to use more than one floral pattern in the room, my recommendation is that you select fabrics with large, medium, and small scale patterns to avoid competition between the fabrics.

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