In the past few years the Arizona Interior Design scene has been gaining national recognition for its innovative energy and unbridled originality. Responsible for this new movement is a handful of courageous interior designers from which the most recognized of them all is Ernesto Garcia, ASID.

What is remarkable about Ernesto’s innovative approach to this new Interior Design AZ movement has been his ability to “integrate” the regional sensibility of the Arizona desert with an endless source of eclectic elements. Most importantly he has done so by creating harmonious and engaging spaces where the most diverse features of design coexist in a pleasantly organized “dialogue.”

In the middle of these visual statements his spaces have remained classic and profoundly innovative, forcing us to do a double take at every corner of the rooms he creates and ponder about his bank of ideas and how he manages to thread them together.

Altogether this master of the new Interior Arizona style has managed to reconcile, luxury with austerity, Americana with European, the Old World with High Tech, and Pop Culture with Fine Art. Behind this abundant imagery and training there is an infallible intuition, all of which coexists in his design process, which never ceases to surprise us.