Interior Design In Scottsdale

by Tom Karl | Nov 21, 2011

How does a city with spectacular landscape influence the eye and imagination of an Interior Designer? Settled in the Valley of the Sun, Scottsdale, AZ is surrounded by stunning mountains, majestic Saguaro cacti, exotic plants and flowers, and a permanently brilliant blue sky… With such an amazing backdrop, what defines a Scottsdale Interior Designer?

Most say it all depends on an individual’s sensibility, their sense of wonder, and their capacity to take it all in with dazzled eyes. For one Interior Designer in Scottsdale it is a daily discovery…

For years, Ernesto Garcia has been collecting stones, branches, and feathers that he’s found on hiking trips. This collection also includes photographs of exotic flowers, unusual sunsets, and Mason jars filled with ground from every corner of the state. “They are my true treasures and my daily inspirations,” he confesses.

With such an “inspirational arsenal” you could assume that his work would just translate into one specific vernacular style, his bread and butter style, or something for which he is well known. However, the most remarkable thing about Ernesto’s work is that he has managed to transform the desert muse into all sorts of styles, from contemporary to traditional interiors.

By some internal metamorphosis, Ernesto can turn what he calls “the ostentatious beauty of Arizona” into the most cosmopolitan interior spaces, showing how limitless and universal human imagination can be.

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