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Designer Tips for Multifunctional Guest Bedrooms

Posted on: May 7th, 2010 by Tom Karl

Depending on the scale of your home, it’s very likely that your spare bedrooms will need to serve functions other than just sleeping quarters for your guests. More and more we see them double as home offices, dens, dance studios, music rooms, or art studios. If you have ever been one of those unfortunate guests that has to sleep in one of those insufferable sleeper-sofas, the sort where the middle bar is located right under your lower back, you know all too well there is no comfortable position to catch your Z’s.

I have one word that will create happy guests and family lounging: Daybed

These are perfect for multi-functional rooms because they have several functions too! Most of the frames you’ll find in stores have a headboard, or some sort of frame around three sides of the mattress. With the proper pillows, this can easily replace that uncomfortable sleeper sofa. When sleepy guests arrive, add a blanket and you’ve got a traditional bed!

If you’re looking for a simpler solution a twin mattress and a box spring, the right assortment of pillows, bed skirt and a bedspread sized to completely cover the mattress can also do the trick efficiently and elegantly.

If you’re lucky, you can find a daybed with a trundle bed, or pull-out bed, underneath and double your sleeping spaces without taking up more space in your home office. 

Sweet Dreams!

Designer Views on Contemporary Art and Southwest Style

Posted on: July 26th, 2009 by Tom Karl

10-2012 ASID 1st Place-Design Under 3,500 sqFt-Contemporary Condo Design-Family Room

In addition to providing Interior Design services, I also work as an Art Consultant, helping my clients put together entire art collections. A good percentage of my projects are either traditional or eclectic in style, and my clients are often concerned with how a contemporary piece of art will fit in their traditional interiors.

Regarding art, this is my philosophy: “If you love it buy it! I will find a way to integrate into your home.” The most important thing in these cases is to create a harmonious dialogue between the old and the new. 

One of my clients wanted her art collection to be featured in every room of her home. This particular project was a delightful challenge to fit each piece into my overall designs.

12.Desert Style- Master Bedroom

For the above image, I used the following guidelines to put together this bedroom:

First address scale. You want to make sure that the existing furniture serves as an “anchor” for the new piece, you don’t want your new painting or sculpture to overwhelm its surroundings. Notice how I paired the smaller geometric pieces and used the larger image to the right of the bed. This balances the art’s weight evenly across the room while letting each image shine for itself.

The next thing to keep in mind is the color palette of the new piece. Try to find some color association, unless you want the new piece to completely stand out (which is a fair objective, I must say) from the rest of your belongings. In this room, the overall color scheme is a light lilac color, so each of the pieces of art in this bedroom have a similar hue or purple tone to tie every inch together.

Finally, if the new piece of art isn’t abstract, make sure the subject is suitable to the room. You might not want to wake up to the view of a still life of vegetables every morning. The abstracts and still-lives are perfect for quieter places in a home, whereas brighter landscapes and detailed images work well in public seating areas and social spaces.