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Interior Designer’s View on Bathroom Remodels & Lighting

Posted on: January 22nd, 2014 by Tom Karl

Shadows on Your Face

I know, it sounds like the title for some hard rock band’s new CD, but what I am actually talking about is bathroom vanity lighting. It’s mostly the ladies that complain about this problem (and I don’t blame them) because most designs don’t provide them with appropriate light to check out or do their make up. You can see my solution to this problem on this picture, where I selected a mirror with a 360 degree source of light on its perimeter; this eliminates all shadows from your face.

Mirror, mirror on the wall… Light my face and I’ll smile for all!

Ernesto Garcia, ASID receives Award for Kitchen Remodel

Posted on: January 2nd, 2012 by Tom Karl

This amazing transformation earned Ernesto Garcia, ASID a 2nd Place in the Residential Category from the American Society of Interior Designers – AZ North Chapter.

See the rest of the Before and Afters in my portfolio!

1-2008 Excellence Award Winning Traditional Remodel-Kitchen-General View Before      2-2008 Excellence Award Winning Traditional Remodel-Kitchen-General View After

BEFORE – A dated 80’s Kitchen                                 AFTER – An inviting European/American Style Kitchen

For this Kitchen Remodel I was hired by clients who love European/American traditional styles. The residence they purchased had mixed design features that didn’t suit their preference for the harmonious, comfortable and relaxed elegance that traditional styles bring to a home.

The first thing I did in this space is create a more efficient layout by changing the “U” shape counter to a perimeter counter with a center breakfast bar and prep island.

I equipped the island with its own sink, a vast preparation area, refrigerator/freezer drawers, recycle bins, utensils drawers and generous lighting from recessed cans right above preparation area.

To define the breakfast counter, I used a long butcher block panel elevated from the main granite surface of the island. I brought down pendants with shades to avoid glare and embrace our complete design direction.

To give the space a greater sense of height, I sloped the ceiling and applied decorative wood beams to create a country kitchen atmosphere.

Regarding surfaces, I replaced the glossy small floor tile with a larger Vermont slate, this change gives the kitchen the texture and warmth it was missing. For the backsplash, I selected a light handmade crackled tile and only placed inlaid rosettes and liners behind the cook-top to create a focal point.

As for the cabinetry, I changed out the light maple wood for a rich mahogany. There is an almost luxurious quality to the deep red tones brought out by the contrast against the pale blue background of the walls. Using a raised panel door style and crown details, the layout was adapted to house state-of-the-art appliances.