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Designer Solutions for Small Appliances in Kitchens

Posted on: March 16th, 2011 by Ernesto Garcia

Espresso Machines, Blenders and Toasters Oh my!

We love all our wonderful kitchen toys, from coffee grinders to bread makers and mixers. Let’s face it, we can’t live without them, but they make a mess of otherwise tidy kitchens. Either you have them tucked away in your cabinets, and you have to wrestle with pots and pans every time you need to use them; or worse yet, you have an appliance garage, in a corner, with a roll-up door that often gets stuck and holds your pasta maker hostage.

Worry no more, there is a solution! One thing I have been doing lately in remodeling and new construction is adding depth to at least one of the countertops in the kitchen, thus providing room to house a continuous appliance garage as part of the cabinets. I design them with a top hinged-retractable door, often with an automatic light, and pull out platforms on rollers where all your appliances sit; that way you can bring them closer to you, use them, put them away, and close the door with for a clean (hassle-free) look.