There is something unassumingly aristocratic about the spaces he designs. The most simple of his rooms can exude a refinement that is rarely experienced. We have loved working with Ernesto through the years and seeing his masterful sense of style enrich our lives. We love his work and recommend him to everyone who wants to enhance the quality of their lives through their living spaces.

Bob & Patricia Bondurant

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We had the pleasure of working with Ernesto Garcia on the complete remodel of our home. The result was beautiful, comfortable and welcoming. Our remodeled home has a classic appeal that we believe will wear well over the long term. Visitors to the house have commented on its serenity and beauty as well as its unique qualities. We are happy to recommend Ernesto and would be happy to speak with others about our experience.

Michael & Barbara Berman

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Ernesto has worked on various remodel projects and interiors for our home. When you have his talent, knowledge and confidence you can afford to be bold, daring and innovative. He just has the ability to create spaces that are always elegant but never boring. We have enjoyed working with him through the years and would recommend him to anyone who’s looking for quality design.

Ron & Susan Telesko

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Ernesto’s design work consistently draws raves from visitors to our home. Ernesto was a pleasure to work with, and we recommend him highly to anyone contemplating home renovation and decor.

Richard Kasper & Julia Rosen

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During our initial design consultation, I explained to Ernesto my plans for the various rooms – Ernesto asked great probing questions to better understand my needs and then went quickly to work taking my ideas and turning them into life via on-the-spot sketches. During subsequent meetings, Ernesto came prepared with his top recommendations and always included a couple of excellent back-up choices. Ernesto has built an excellent support team back in the shop – to always keep projects moving ahead. Ernesto and his team have created a seamless process to provide top quality, beautiful design outcomes. They are flexible, easy to work with and Ernesto always shows up with a smile on his face…it’s so apparent to see his passion for design – which translates through his work to now my comfortable, beautiful home.

Marianne Curran

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Ernesto was pleasant to work with. He listened to my wants and needs. His drawings were just what I wanted and so was the completed project. He coordinated all of the contractors and the materials for the project. The contractors he selected were professional, easy to work with and have in my home. My home was built in 1996 and the area for the TV and fireplace were dated with 3 large niches and a small fireplace. I needed this area updated with room for a big screen TV. I love the way the project came out and I enjoy it every day.

Donita Albright

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Ernesto has an artist’s eye for color and detail, and sketched out what each room had the potential to become. He worked with us first on the basics: paint, carpet, and repairs. He then turned his attention to the furniture that would transform the house into a home. His instincts on which color combinations and style of furniture, rugs, and lighting would work best together were unerringly correct.

Lane & Pam Cardwell

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Director of Advertising: The Red Book and azredbook.com

I have worked with Ernesto for the past two years on his advertising placement in the AZ Red Book and azredbook.com. Not only does Ernesto have poise and knowledge, but he is delightful to work with. Ernesto’s award winning design work has been showcased on azredbook.com. Ernesto returns phone calls and emails immediately and is easy to communicate with. He respects deadlines and knows the importance of them. I am so lucky to say Ernesto is much more than a client, hwe has become a friend.

Jody Bartel

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I had seen a home Ernesto had done and thought it was terrific. The house conveyed the feeling I desired to achieve with mine. He provided me with several options for layouts for my new home and more importantly, explained why he thought what would work best. He was very helpful in scale, in selecting fabrics and furniture, and paint colors. He was right every time. The trades he used were also excellent-the quality was impressive and they were reasonably priced. I was happy with everything. I would recommend Ernesto without hesitation, and would use him again when I need a designer. He cares about you as a person, and what you are trying to achieve so that you are comfortable in your home. He is fun to work with, and I think he is incredibly qualified. He deserves all of the accolades he is presently getting.

Diane Maler

Ernesto Garcia was very professional and over the process became a friend. He understood my view right away and had plans formulating as soon as he saw the house. When I saw the sketches and fabrics I was blown away. He captured my wants and needs perfectly from start to end. The color schemes worked so well together I was shocked and amazed. In addition to furniture and color, the new light fixtures and portraits look immaculate in my beautiful home. Thanks to Ernesto. He has a beautiful gift and I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. Thanks to him my home project won an award.

Victor Martinez

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I have had the privilege of having Ernesto to my home for a consultation. He listens and really tries to understand what you want, not what he wants. The work turned out just the way I wanted.Ernesto has been instrumental in giving back to a 501c3 that I founded – Smiles Beyond The Bars. Ernesto not only is a great designer but he gives back to the community and that is an important factor for anyone in business. I highly recommend him.

Linda Parker

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We enjoyed so much working with Ernesto and will refer him to anyone who asks. He did a wonderful job with our home, it is just beautiful and we love living in it!

Sandra Kadotani

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When we first had Ernesto to our home, we met him out front. Before he even walked through our front door, he had begun sketching a whole new look for our home. By the time he entered, even the skeptics we are were completely sold on the idea. We had always lived in off-white, vanilla houses. Ernesto not only expertly chose beautiful colors for all the rooms but made them flow together seamlessly. He created inspiring diagrams of everything from tile patterns, to our master bath remodel, to how to turn our patio into a relaxing outdoor living space. These amazing sketches were invaluable to us to envision our new space and brought us the confidence to change our normally beige style. Our home is now full of gorgeous color, our furniture harmonizes beautifully, and we are constantly told how warm and inviting it is. You can’t go wrong with Ernesto Garcia!

Diane Vancamp

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I first encountered Ernesto’s work after a search led me to his website. I almost didn’t call because I felt my project/needs might be too small when compared to the work in his portfolio. I’m so glad I did! Ernesto treats me and my 2,000 sq ft home with the same care and artistry that he does with his 10,000+ sq ft projects. I have very colorful and eclectic taste but was never able to execute on my own the desires in my mind. Ernesto has an amazing gift to understand what I want and create designs that truly belong to my personality and lifestyle. So many designers create beauty, but the result does not feel like it “belongs” to the homeowners. What is the point in living in a beautiful home if it does not feel like it is yours? This is where Ernesto is truly gifted. Above that is his attention to detail, which is unmatched, and his understanding of color that only an artist has.

Razi Berry

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Ernesto provided excellent service. I had a problem choosing the right color combination for my apartment and overall design and he was very helpful by providing ideas and recommendations. He responded to my requests very fast and was very accommodating. Based on our conversations I could see that he has very excellent design skills and knows what he is doing (his projects also confirm that). I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for an excellent designer.

D. Teresinni

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What’s striking, is the level of craftsmanship and detail that went into my client’s project! From custom wall coverings and finishes, to the final touches, everything was exquisite!

If you are looking for results that will “wow you”, Ernesto is the designer for the job. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to view his work from conception to completion.

Ernesto is a true artist! His extensive knowledge, and architectural background are paramount in achieving success with every project. His passion for nothing less than excellence, is why Ernesto has won so many ASID Awards.

Bonnie Mueller

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In the past seven years Ernesto has designed the interiors for four of our residences: two in Paradise Valley, one in Show Low and another one in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. With his exquisite taste and vast knowledge of style, he was able to give each one of them their appropriate character, skillfully blending their architecture, regional influences and most important of all keenly reflecting our lifestyles and preferences. Ernesto listened to our needs with amazing focus and translated them into the most comfortable, timeless and refined spaces we’ve ever lived in. He is a gentleman and the consummate design professional, always able to come up with innovative solutions and effectively relate to everyone involved in a project, no doubt an advantage of his architectural training. We highly recommend Ernesto for any design project, regardless of style; we’ve seen his skills shine from remodeling projects to fine interior detailing.

Diane – Paradise Valley, AZ

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I have used Ernesto Garcia on two design projects in my homes in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas. Both times I was thrilled with the results! He listened to my wants and concerns and came up with the perfect solutions. He worked with my existing pieces and skillfully added new pieces to create a wonderful blend of the old and new! The way he blended colors and textures was masterfully. I thought I had an idea of what I wanted but he created solutions that far exceeded my expectations.
Extremely professional and easy to get along with. At this point, he is the only one I would trust with my home!

Ken Heron

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Designed a bedroom and bathroom renovation including a small addition, plus additional small projects in the rest of the house. Extremely creative and built a great rapport with the contractor. Was able to adapt as necessary during the process.


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Ernesto and his staff provided much needed help in the design of my bedrooms. I was out of ideas and he was able to come to my house and get my project back on track. What would have taken me months of looking, took only a couple of hours of my time. The results were outstanding.

R. Snook

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