Designer Guidelines on Functional Window Seats

by Ernesto Garcia | Mar 14, 2011

Who doesn’t dream of taking their shoes off, wrapping themselves in a cozy throw, leaning against a bunch of pillows and reading a good book on a window seat? It is a classical image, and one that I find young and old still enjoy.

The Window Seat is a very useful design feature that can add great beauty and character to any room. On the practical side, a hinged top can turn them into additional storage (for linens, blankets, pillows, etc.) and in many rooms, they provide additional seating that could not otherwise be achieved. Often times I find that they are the only option for breakfast nooks in my remodeling work.

Another one of their virtues is that they can work as an “anchoring” element for the otherwise uninteresting window, giving it an additional function and providing the visual base it might have lacked before. And as I always say, “they come in all colors,” and I’m not just referring to the actual hues, but also to the infinite design possibilities I find when I use them in my work.

They can be a subtle and understated corner, where lightly patterned shades come down to a crisp white windowsill; next, the seat cushion and pillows present a delicate palette with peaceful patterns.

29-2011 ASID Excellence Award Winning-Scottsdale Elegance-Window Seat

In contrast, this next image shows their traditional English and French versions which display an abundance of patterns, textures, and rich tailoring details.

One more tip: These lovely seats can also function as an additional bedroom! It only takes a little length and depth to turn them into a daybeds and voila: you have another bed in any room!


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